Food Done Right! Will Be Published in May

After many years of prodding by dear friends who wished I would share my recipes that I make to eat such delicious celebratory food all day, every day, for 1,200-1,500 calories per day, I am announcing that my first cookbook is well under way. I am on target to publish Food Done Right! in late May 2016. It will be a Kindle book found on

I am already in the planning stage for my second book, Italian Done Right! to be published in the fall. More on that later.

My Food Done Right (FDR) series focuses on really good food, the stuff that we crave: home cooking, restaurant fare, and all things on the no-no list pared down to 350 calories or less. Some recipes will be considered as “Not So Bad Cheat Meals” which are 450 calories or less for decadent desserts and insanely delicious cravings foods that just can’t go any lower without sacrificing quality.

I employ many different ingredients and techniques I have learned through many years of creating my brand of light cooking and baking. I am a professionally trained chef and pastry chef and I understand the chemistry at play when food is lightened.

I have a team of testers who taste each of my recipe prototypes. Only the highest rated recipes will be found in the book. My reputation is not based on how light something is, it’s based on how it tastes. Nothing is good enough if it doesn’t taste good. My recipes are as good or better than the traditional fatty version.

You pay a chef to cook for you. You want light recipes written by chefs. You want something you can live with for the rest of your life. I am a chef, I live this way. I have my cake and I eat it too.

Check back tomorrow for a free recipe.

Get Food Done Right! here.


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